Sparkly Cake Toppers

All you need to add some sparkle to your party desserts is a sheet of scrap booking paper, some wooden skewers, an exacto knife and some glue!

To make our New Years Eve dessert stand out we created some simple ‘2016’ cake toppers, but we think some version of these would be great for any occasion.

I drew the numbers free formed on the backside of the scrapbook paper, but you could easily use a stencil if you’re concerned with the size and shape. So that the toppers look pretty from every angle, use your exacto knife to carefully cut out the shape and duplicate it backwards to make a front and back side.

Using craft glue or a glue gun, attach both sides of the numbers (or design of your choice) together, ensuring that there is a wooden skewer in the middle.

Let dry completely and voila!


Jen xo

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