House Warming Gift

This week I’m going a friends house warming party and I wanted to bring a gift. I saw a cute picture frame on Pinterest a while ago and kept it in mind for this exact purpose. Instead of buying the frame and print from etsy I thought I’d create my own.

I used heavy duty sketch pad paper but I would recommend using watercolour paper instead. It holds up better to multiple applications of watery paint.

I started by creating an abstract background with watercolour paint and a plastic bag.

First paint the plastic bag with very watered down paint and then paint a thin layer of just water onto your pad. Lay the plastic paint side down over top of the wet area on your page. Spread the paint around using your fingers or a dry paint brush until the colours blend together. Carefully lift the plastic up and let the paper fully dry.

Next, handletter or stamp your chosen phrase. I did a lot of practise ones before I picked the lettering I liked best.

Have fun!