Beef Stew in the Slow Cooker

It’s started snowing here in Toronto again so this beef stew recipe is perfect for a cold night.

I cooked mine in a slow cooker for about 4 hours but you could also use a pot on the stove for less time. 

Vegetable Prep:

  • Sweet potato peeled and cubed (you could also use regular potatoes but we prefer sweet potato because it’s healthier)
  • Lentil and barley soup mix
  • Optional: carrots, celery, corn, peas, onion, garlic

Meat Prep:

  • Stewing beef or another cut of beef cubed
  • Brown meat in frying pan on stove at a high heat. This locks in the flavour and keeps some moisture in the meat while it cooks. 

I also used a beef stock for flavour – 1 cube with 2 cups of water.

 beef stew 
Put all ingredients into the slow cooker and mix to distribute soup mix evenly. Season with some salt and pepper. Set slow cooker on low and leave for 4 hours or until beef and potatoes are tender. Stir halfway through and make sure there’s enough liquid. You can also cook on high with more beef stock for a quicker cook time. 

To be honest, I tried to take a picture of the final product but I didn’t get one I was happy with. I promise this dish is delicious, it’s just not very photogenic! 

I’d suggest serving with some rice or maybe a side of crusty French bread! 
I think this recipe could easily make a nice soup. All you’d need to do is add a bit more liquid and swap the sweet potato for regular ones. 

Let us know what you think of the recipe in the comment box below!