Avocado Toast

Know what I love? A perfectly ripe avocado 🙂 I just so happened to have one today and that called for some avocado toast!

I love making it because it fills me up without leaving me feeling weighed down, it’s super tasty, and totally customizable! There really aren’t any wrong combinations and you can be as creative as you want!

Today I made it for a post-workout lunch rather than just a snack, so I used an entire avocado, veggies, and an egg for some protein. I like to use rye bread because it’s lower in calories and toast up nice and crispy.

Fried egg and avocado toast: simply spread mashed avocado on the toast and top with a pan-fried egg. To fry mine I sprayed a pan with non-stick coconut oil and fried the egg on both sides so that the yolk is still a bit runny in the middle. I topped it off with some dill and red pepper seasoning and a little siracha (not pictured).

Cucumber and tomato toast: simply top the toast with mashed avocado and some thinly sliced Roma tomato and cucumber. I sprinkled some chia seeds on top and a bit of Greek seasoning.

I love how colourful it is! Definitely a tasty way to brighten up a Tuesday…

What versions of avocado toast do you like to make?