Bar Cart Styling 101

Happy Spring everyone! Now that it’s finally here, I have been fully embracing the ‘Spring cleaning’ mindset and it feels so refreshing and relieving to tidy up and de-clutter!

Step 1 was the living room,which included styling the bar cart that has [until this point] been collecting dust and random artifacts and taking up an entire corner of my tiny apartment.

Bar carts are super trendy and can be a great storage solution in small places, like a condo. The trick is to fill it with useful, stylish items without it looking over-packed. The things you include should be a mix of functional and stylish and fit with the theme of whatever room it’s in.

Variety is key – stick to 2-4 of each type of glasses and/or stemware and only a few liquor bottles. Remember that a bar cart is a decorative piece and not just a cabinet for your booze! Personally, I’m a wine drinker so I made sure to stock my cart with a few wine glasses and a decanter, but my wine bottles I keep stored in the kitchen. I also considered what I use when hosting company and included some rocks glasses, sparkling water, and fresh lemons and limes for garnish.

On my cart I used 3 glass decanters (all from HomeSense), pretty bottles of San Pellegrino, a pineapple martini shaker (see where to buy your own below), coloured straws (IKEA) and a set of wine glasses and tumblers. On the second shelf I added a faux plant, some crowd-pleasing liquor bottles and even had room to store my favourite records!

The possibilities are truly endless and your cart will be sure to look great and be a reflection of your personal style if you include the following…

Bar Cart Key Pieces:

  • Glass decanters – use a variety of shapes and sizes (I would recommend no more than 3)
  • Beverages – sparkling water (like San Pellegrino) often comes in pretty bottles that add a pop of colour and class to the overall look. They are inexpensive and easy to replace but look very chic. There are also so many cool liquor bottles to choose from – I love this Crystal Head vodka bottle
  • Florals – adding a plant or flowers looks fresh and choosing a nice vase or planter helps compliment your chosen theme (I went with all white)
  • Useful accessories – add some fun elements that are also functional, like straws, fresh fruit, cocktail napkins, and fun martini shakers like the pineapple one I included below!

For some inspiration, I created a neutrally themed list of bar cart ‘essentials’ – but really the possibilities are endless!

Bar Cart_.001

  1. Glass Decanter | 2. Decorative Artificial Lemons | 3. Fun Stir Sticks | 4. Pretty Liquors | 5. Bar Cart | 6. Faux Florals | 7. Fancy Straws | 8. Ice Bucket | 9. Martini Shaker